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Have you ever thought how you can estimate the value of your classical motorcycle?

Have you ever wonder how you can estimate precisely the price of a classical motorcycle that you want to buy?

Have you ever consider where you can find a valuation of the price of a specific classical motorcycle in a certain condition?

Well, that’s why we are here for!! For the first time we can provide all the information that you need with just one click!!

After many years of passionate research, our team created the first online platform with all the prices of online auctions around the world! This allows buyers and sellers to fully research before purchase. The annual subscription grants you access to all the past auctions worldwide including all the needed information and photos to get the most from your money.

And is not only this! Our staff is working daily to update the auctions and the lists. That way you will have all the new auctions taking place online!

Price for Classics is the result of our love to the world of antique in two wheels. Welcome!

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